The Past Couple of Months of Women in Asian Punk/Hardcore/Metal Acts

The past couple of months of women in Asian punk, hardcore and metal acts has been GREAT! We decided to take a look back and collect all those posts and put them in one post below.

We always try our best to get as much representation as we can. Unfortunately, even as we scoured our database for all the posts so far in 2019 – these were all the ones we found. Which means we don’t get enough submissions from bands or friends of bands or labels/managers. The part about labels/managers not sending us information is the craziest part because it begs the question, what is the point of working with said label or manager if they aren’t actually getting in touch with media to help promote their bands/artists? Anyway, what we’ve learned out here in Asia is that a lot of bands actually aren’t very comfortable promoting themselves – so we’re trying to put the onus on fans/supporters of bands. If you really care about the band that you love – then send us information! No matter how big or small – we put everyone up. Everyone gets a fair shot. We’re not here to judge, just promote.

If we’re missing anything (Of course we are! We don’t have any staff – so what goes up is either what has come in or what we spend hours trying to find from all our social media channels. Please HELP us!) – let us know by clicking SUBMIT NEWS and sending it in!

Now go listen to these great bands below doing their thing! Go check them out and support them not because their are “females” in the band, but because the music RULES! The band RULES! The message RULES!

The Vertigos [Based in Japan featuring members from Japan/Korea/US]

Red Dogs [Japan]

Mutant Monster [Japan]

Bananach [Indonesia]

Kyanos [Hong Kong]

Lovebites [Japan]

Slave to Sirens [Lebanon]

Catpuke [Philippines]

Slant [Korea]

Omorfia [Indonesia]

Drinking Boys & Girls Choir [Korea]

Galaxies [Indonesia]

SIAL [Singapore]
* We’re cheating with this post – this record and post was released last year. But who cares. SIAL’s fucking AMAZING.

Choke Cocoi [Philippines]
* Another cheating post…but no post about Asian women in hardcore/punk can go WITHOUT Choke Cocoi being included.

Retromist [India]

Nightmare AD [Cambodia]

Tim Awa [Philippines]

Honorable mentions – the following bands are teasing new music!

Radigals [Singapore]

Pressureside [Malaysia]

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