Heaviest song about riding a school bus! HK band Project 9 ready to ???.

Project 9

This is the heaviest song you will ever hear about riding a bus. Yes – riding a bus. Press play on this brand new Hong Kong metalcore band’s debut track and listen to a band singing about the most important thing in the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

By the way, the band is called Project 9 which is very nice sounding…but in Cantonese the band is called ???…which has a whole different meaning to the band name that begins with a beautiful piece of profanity hahahaha…

This band is ticking all the right boxes!ย Even better then the song, song title, and the band’s name is their own press release:

“We were bored, then we remembered we love music, and to be honest we have nothing important to say. So why not just write a short crappy song, forget arrangements and transitions and lyrics and just, well fuck it. We love what we do and we’re having fun, isn’t that the point?”

Get on this band right NOW:


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