Hanoi-based Death Metal Band, Rêvasseur, Release First Single Off Upcoming Album [Vietnam]

Vietnamese death metal band Rêvasseur have dropped the first single off their upcoming debut album. The band states, “The lyrics were inspired by various grim stories (fictional/true) our vocalist, Liam W, came across in his reading. He tends to read a lot of dark fantasy such as Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book Of The Fallen + R. Scott Bakker’s Prince Of Nothing series. Coupled with a ‘healthy’ diet of doom-scrolling, this is essentially, the story of no matter how powerful a leader becomes, ultimately all tyrants die a terrible + painful death. Hence the name, Sic Semper Tyrannis.”

As the song is the first track off the new album, we wondered why it was this particular song that they wanted to launch with. “Our former drummer, Nguyen Tien Anh, wrote the music to this track so we wanted to show our appreciation to him by making this one our first off the new record. He always went fucking nuts live when we played this tune so we thought it made sense to release this one first. We also wanted him to know that, although he may not be playing with us right now, he is still very much a part of Rêvasseur.”

On the album itself, “We have spent the last year refining + honing our sound since our EP, In Doubtless Memory. While we are proud of that EP, we feel that it was the work of a young band who did not quite know their sound at that point in time. This full length is nothing of the sort. The album is 10 tracks of pure devastation, inspired by both the old-school Swedish death metal scene as well as the clean modern melodic death metal sound. It is a more coherent release overall which showcases who we are and what we are trying to do.”


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