Mathcore Band Beast Jesus Bless Us With Two New Tracks Of Mayhem [Philippines]

While recording the tracks their drummer almost lost his mind tracking these new songs. That’s when you know that what you’re about to hear is going to be intense. Beast Jesus from the Philippines has NEVER FAILED in pushing the listener to open their mind, be flexible in their way in approaching consuming music. Just wait until you get pummelled on the first track only to get caressed with the soft soothing indie-pop goodness of the second track. Oh what? You wonder what the band would sound like with a string section? We got you. Lyrically, the band covers the following amongst the maniacal music that comes out of them: combat, mortality, and grief in the face of a cold and uncaring universe.

The world needs more bands like Beast Jesus stretching the capabilities of what can be done with music.

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